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bare Minerals
Manufacturer: Bare Escentuals Beauty
Available: 1998
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Retail Locations: many
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 888.795.4747
Trading Symbol: NASDAQ: BARE

bare Minerals is a unique all natural mineral based face makeup made from virgin bare minerals and contains no preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or other artificial ingredients. Formulated specifically by bare Escentuals the natural cosmetics company for the use of all skin types. Being a mineral based foundation it is water resistant and so tends to also be antibacterial. Its silky and lightweight texture tends to soothe inflamed skin and it hide wrinkles and fine lines. The light and porous soft minerals do not feel like a tight mask but rather a silky airbrushed feel and look. A flawless healthful looking complexion in a few minutes! Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals can be found in stores in the Natural Make up in the health and beauty cosmetics section.


Video: Bare Minerals revolutionary makeup pt1
bare Minerals make up commercial model examples of flawless makeup!.


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