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Whole Foods Market
Established: 1980
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Retail Locations:300+
Online Ordering: for local pickup only at participating locations
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 512.477.4455
Trading Symbol: NYSE: WFMI

Whole Foods Market is a grocery store chain focused on providing natural and organic items to consumers. They have a produce department with both organic and non-organic produce, a seafood counter, dairy, meat, a full complement of boxed and canned foods, and a cheese department. They carry natural cleaners as well as many dietary supplements and aromatherapy items. Some stores offer in-store massages, and some have an in store deli counter and salad bar.

Whole Foods is one of the worlds largest fully stocked whole food supermarket store selling natural and organic items. It was founded as one small store in Austin, TX in 1980 and now it has stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom as well. During its growth, it has purchased and incorporated a number of smaller health food store chains.


Whole Foods Market Coupons and Whole Foods Market Deals

Whole Foods Market offers a number of coupons and deals at any one time. In addition to their weekly sales, offered locally in a flyer as well as online, they have printable coupons for a number of products. These can be accessed through their website, under the Products section. There is a link on the left for online coupons. Additional coupons can be found online through their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and possibly their blog. All of these can also be accessed through their website.

Video: Whole Foods Market North Raleigh Store
Whole Foods Natural Tour!


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