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Wen Hair Care
Manufacturer: Guthy-Renker
Established: 1988
Available: unknown
Headquarters: Palm Desert, CA
Retail Locations: unknown
Online Ordering: at website
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): 1.800.685.3216

Wen is a unique and complete hair care system developed by Guthy-Renker. It is composed of a 5-in-1 special cleaning formula replacing shampoo and conditioning products. It is composed of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and a leave in conditioner. Its multi-part formula is revolutionary because it both cleanses and conditions the hair at the same time. Wen uses no harsh ingredients or sodium laurel sulfate which are found in other not so nice shampoos. There are no detergents to strip hair of natural oils. Advertised by Stylist Chaz Dean who says that WEN is NEW backwards which reflects its new and completely opposite way of hair cleansing.

In addition to their 5-in-1 hair cleansing system, Wen also offers deep conditioners and texturizers.

Click here to Read all the WEN hair care product reviews for The WEN® Healthy Hair Care System. A new approach to the way you cleanse your hair.


Guthy Renker CorporationGuthy Renker Corporation

Video: Chaz Dean Short Cuts - Taking WEN to Your Salon
Wen show by Chaz Dean.


Wen Coupons and Wen Deals

Wen products are available through a variety of stores. Online they can be found at Amazon.com, among others. Shopping at these stores may net additional savings. Free shipping offers and discounted pricing are often found at Amazon.com. Time sensitive offers, sales and deals are subject to change. Check website for updated savings. Unless indicated, purchases are still subject to usual taxes and shipping. Some online offers may qualify for free or discounted shipping rates.

Following Wen on Facebook or Twitter will alert shoppers to special deals and contests.

Guthy Renker Corporation Guthy Renker Corporation

Get Sexy Hair Risk-Free with Wen® Hair Care by Chaz Dean. Shop Now!

Guthy Renker Corporation

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