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Walmart Pharmacy
Established: 1962, pharmacy 1978
Headquarters: Bentonville, AR
Retail Locations: 4,304 pharmacies in 8,600 stores in 15 countries
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 1-800-WAL-MART -1-800-925-6278
Trading Symbol: NYSE: :WMT

Walmart Pharmacy provides prescription drugs to shoppers within about 50% of Walmart stores. It is known for its low prices and fast service. Many generic prescriptions qualify for their $4 program. Walmart also has online pharmacy services to order and ship online. Though these are small pharmacies, they have a full line of pharmaceutical drugs, and knowledgeable staff, including pharmacists, to answer questions both in-store and over the phone.

Filling a prescription can be done several ways. The first option is for the consumer to simply walk into a Walmart pharmacy location and have the order filled. Pre-ordering saves time in-store, and is an option for new orders when a doctor calls in or faxes in the prescription. The pharmacy allows both online pre-orders and telephone refill pre-orders, where consumers can place an order online or by phone and Walmart will have it ready at the closest preferred Walmart store that has a pharmacy location. Prescription orders can also be placed online and then delivered to the home of the patient. For long-term prescriptions, automated shipments can be set up to be delivered at regular intervals.


Walmart Pharmacy Coupons and Walmart Pharmacy Deals

Wal-Mart will match some competitor's deals. Specifically they honor "Preferred Shopping Card" advertised prices. The items must be like items, be advertised and in order for the discount to apply the competitor's shopping card is required[1]. Walmart Pharmacies have a generic $4 prescription program. They also have a number of other generic drugs that qualify for insurance discounts. Using a prescription discount card from a third party might also save consumers when filling prescriptions at Walmart.

Video: Wal-Mart: How You Can Save Even More!
Daniel Pereira from shows us how we can save more money at Wal-Mart.


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