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Walk Fit
Manufacturer: Walkfit Platinum, LLC
Established: 2008
Headquarters: Lake Balboa, CA
Retail Locations: none known
Online Ordering: at website & Amazon
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): 1.800.360.2731
Website: walkfit.com[1]

Walk Fit Platinum Orthotic Insoles are an advanced orthotic shoe insert that is designed to evenly distribute your body weight evenly and so reduce pain in your feet, knees, hips, back and bring your body into proper physiological alignment resulting in loss of pain! In addition the shoe insert contains a unique gel-soft padding layer in the advanced Bio Lock heal cup for better foot stress shock absorption and comfort cushioning. The massage insert uses the new bacteriostatic silver materials to inhibit fungus and bacterias to avoid germs and smells. Reported to provide the correction and comfort with out the high cost of special orthopedic shoes. Retain your stylish shoes just use the insert. Additional bonus items included see below for more information.

Previous versions of Walk Fit Platinum Orthotic Insoles were Walk Fit and Phase 4 Orthotics.


Walk Fit Coupons and Walk Fit Deals

Walk Fit Platinum Orthotic Insoles are sold at a number of retail locations, as well as online. Consumers wanting to save should compare deals between these stores to get the best pricing. There are dedicated websites for the Walk Fit Platinum Orthotics as well. These typically offer free gifts for purchasing, although shipping and processing fees do apply. Gifts can include a free trial of a joint support supplement (includes signup for autoship program which must be canceled if it is not wanted), free sandal insert, free massage inserts that use accupressure, free peppermint lotion, free all-in-one foot care system, and free slippers. Not all free bonus items are available from all websites. Shipping and processing fees vary, and not all free items have the fees. Customers can expect to pay fees for at minimum the free trial joint supplement, the all-in-one foot care system, and the slippers.

Applying coupons and discounts for specific stores can bring savings, even if they are not specific to Walk Fit products. Target.com, for instance, offers the following deal: Spend $50, Get Free Shipping on Select Items at Target.com. There are over 500,000 items included in that promotion, so bundling items can add up the savings. Dr. Leonard's and Amazon.com are two more stores which offer Walk Fit Orthotics where shoppers can find deals.

Amazon has the following deals, notice the size differences.

Video: WalkFit Platinum Commercial
The WalkFit orthotic shoe insert are designed to realign your body and so relieve foot and body pain.


Walk Fit Images


  1. http://www.walkfit.com

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