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Vibram FiveFingers
Manufacturer: Vibram
Established: 1937 Italy
Available: FiveFingers 2005
Headquarters: Italy; US Concord, MA
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 978.318.0000

Vibram FiveFingers Shoes are a new advanced technology toe shoes based on the natural foot design and movements. Designed by Vibram who are considered to be a world leader in high performance rubber soles manufacturing shoes for work, outdoor, orthopedic and recreational markets. The Five Finger shoes with five toe cutouts are revolutionary in design and offer the newest stylish trend of natural shoes designed to both stimulate and exercise your feet with a back to nature approach.Several weeks or months are needed for your body to adjust to the work out as your feet and legs are stimulated and strengthened. There are two primary types and Nine main unique designs available: Classic, KSO, KSO Trek, Moc,Performa, Bikila, Sprint, Flow and the soon to be released VFF Trek. Sizes of Vibram Five Fingers are available for children starting Spring/Summer 2011


Vibram FiveFingers Coupons and Vibram FiveFingers Deals

Video: Vibram Five Fingers Bikila REVIEW
Expert Runner Barefoot Sal Rodriguez tells us about the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila.


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