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ThyroShield Potassium Iodide Iodine tablets for nuclear emergency
Manufacturer: Fleming & Company, Pharmaceuticals
Available: 2005-present
Headquarters: Fenton, Missouri
Retail Locations: available through various pharmacies
Online Ordering: at various pharmacies and stores online
Phone Number(s): (636) 343-8200

ThyroShield is the brand name of an oral solution of potassium iodide (KI). ThyroShield is different from other potassium iodide products available on the market in that it is the only FDA approved solution for use in a radiation emergency. It is a ready-to-use oral form flavored with black raspberry. When it was introduced in 2005, it filled a gap in the emergency radiation thyroid protection market because it is in a form that is easily given to infants, children and the elderly. Previously, in order to protect infants and children, tablets would have to be divided into smaller doses, crushed, then mixed with a liquid. This is eliminated with the dosage dropper included with ThyroShield.

Potassium iodide is used to protect individuals during a radiation emergency. It has long been known that if a thyroid gland does not have enough iodine when exposed to radioactive iodine, it will absorb the radioactive material. This can lead to disease and thyroid cancer. In the event of a nuclear or other radioactive emergency, if enough potassium iodide is taken first, the thyroid will instead absorb it and the radioactive material will pass through without being absorbed by the thyroid gland.

ThyroShield has 65 mg potassium iodide per mL, and should be used in an emergency only and according to directions. Those with allergies to iodine and those who have nodular thyroid disease with heart disease, hypocomplementemic vasculitis, or dermatitis herpetiformis are recommended to avoid using this product.



ThyroShield Coupons and Thyroshield Deals

ThyroShield is a pharmaceutical product which does not normally have coupons available which are specifically for this product. Savings will most likely be found in the form of discounts at various retailers who carry ThyroShield. In the case of some stores, such as, consumers can receive flat rate or free shipping if the order is large enough. Other store discounts, such as a percentage or dollars off an entire purchase may be applied to ThyroShield in some instances. Some stores have rewards programs that can reduce the price of ThyroShield. CVS Pharmacy has their Extra Bucks program which allows members to rack up reward dollars to use towards future purchases. Consumers will need to check with the retailers who carry the products to find which might have applicable discounts or rewards programs. If the pharmacy does not carry ThyroShield, the consumer can ask them to order it from the manufacturer.

Note: In times of emergency this product may be hard to locate. Consumers may want to keep some on hand to ensure availability.

ThyroShield Coupons

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Video: Radiation Panic Prompts Run On Potassium Iodide
KXLY4 reports that there is a run on potassium iodide for radiation.


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