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Sheer Cover Makeup
Manufacturer: Guthy-Renker
Established: 1988
Available: Sheercover 2003
Headquarters: Palm Desert, CA
Retail Locations: unknown
Online Ordering: website
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 1.800.506.6281

Sheer Cover makeup is a natural mineral foundation cosmetic and beauty enhancer created by Guthy-Renker a media marketing marketer known for selling fab products through infomercials. Designed to make you look healthier naturally. The natural minerals naturally adhere to the skin. Used by skin care professionals, Hollywood celebrities and makeup artists to give that youthful flawless healthful appearance that keeps going. Known as an anti aging product it excels at naturally covering rosacea, freckles, skin discolorations and skin flaws. It does not contain, dyes, talc, oils or perfumes. Advertised and endorsed by perfect skin celebrity Leeza Gibbons. Another product marketed is SheerCover is Sexy Legs for covering spider veins, blemishes, bruises and tattoos. See SheerCover tips and tricks page!


Video: Sheer Cover Demonstration
Skin beauty Leeza Gibbons shows how to make birth marks disappear in seconds


Sheer Cover Makeup Coupons and Sheer Cover Makeup Deals

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Guthy Renker Corporation Guthy Renker Corporation

Guthy Renker Corporation

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