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Manufacturer: SENSA Products, LLC
Available: 2008
Headquarters: Manhattan Beach, CA
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): 1-866-514-2554

Sensa Weight Loss Diet system is a non-prescription weight-loss product created by Dr. Alan Hirsh a board certified neurologist is a weight loss system purported to help you lose the pounds fast and easy. Reported to cause weight loss as much as 30 pounds in six months. Sensa reviews show the product works by curbing hunger and affects your brain by making it think that you have already eaten your fill and are full. Sensa ingredients are: Soy, Milk, Carmine, Tricalcium Phosphate and corn derived Maltodrexin. It is recommended hence called "The Sprinkle Diet" that you sprinkle on food in a shaker like you would sugar or salt and that it augments your scent and add a sweet or mildly salty taste. It is available in a wide range of luscious flavors such as banana strawberry, raspberry, malt, spearmint cocoa for sweet and onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, Parmesan cheese, taco and cheddar cheese flavors. Available also in GNC stores such as Rite Aid


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Video: Sensa Diet Sprinkles in the News
In the news Dateline Science behind the Sensa weight loss diet.


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