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Pillow Pets or My Pillow Pets
Manufacturer: CJ Products
Established: 2003
Available: 2003
Headquarters: Oceanside, CA
Retail Locations: unknown
Online Ordering: at website
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 678.352.3652

Pillow Pets are snugly fuzzy plush little animal folding stuffed toys designed and marketed as gifts for children by CJ Products. There are currently 36 animals ranging from sea creatures, jungle pets as well as farm animals. The pets are transformable from comfortable machine washable children's pillow into a stuffed animal by moving a Velcro strap. Originally created by Jennifer Telfer in 2003 the pets were marketed through her company CJ Products and took off like hotcakes with the television advertising in 2009. Also sold are pillowpet hats, blankets and slippers. Pet games are also available on their web site. Slogan is: "Its a Pillow...its a Pet... its a PillowPet."


Video: Pillow Pets - OFFICIAL VIDEO AD
PillowPets are a stupendously popular functional stuffed animal pillow and toy. Its an actual pillow as well as a pet! Pet food not included.


Pillow Pet Coupons and Pillow Pet Deals

All Pillowpets can be purchased throught the following Amazon.com link: ALL PillowPet Deals on Amazon.com.

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