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Perky Pet Bird Feeders
Owned by: Woodstream Corporation
Established: Perky Pet Brand 1958
Headquarters: Lititz, PA
Retail Locations: various retailers
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 1.800.800.1819
Trading Symbol: NASDAQ: ZRBA
Store Locator: Perky Pet Bird Feeder Locations[2]

PerkyPet Bird Feeders is a company that provides feeders for many species of birds. Whether a customer wants to attract hummingbirds, wild birds, or any other species, there are a variety of products to choose from. The company says that its bird feeders are primarily ideal for anyone who has some experience with bird-related hobbies.

PerkyPet offers tips on how to choose a bird feeder as well as which style is best for the customer’s particular intentions. Certain birds require certain types of feeders. Most wild birds will thrive off a traditional seed feeder, but the company also provides advice on what types of seed feeders and hummingbird feeders are the best for each individual’s desires. There are also tips on how to feed the birds and how to protect them from predators.

A customer may want to glimpse birds for longer periods during the day. If so, a bird feeder may not be the best option, but consumers can choose from the many styles of bird baths, houses, and other accessories offered through PerkyPet Bird Feeders.


The site features a special learning center where potential bird hobbyists can go to learn more about hummingbirds, wild birds, orioles, and other species of birds. Podcasts and videos are also available for the viewing pleasure, entertainment, and education of the customer. There is a section dedicated to bird watching advice as well so hobbyists know where to go in order to get the best vantage points of their favorite species.

Perky Pet Bird Feeder Coupons and Perky Pet Bird Feeder Deals

Perky Pet has some great deals for those wanting to save on bird feeders of all kinds. Signing up for their e-newsletter will give an ongoing discount of 10% off every order made. Additionally, Perky Pet Bird Feeders has other promotions going on at any one time, such as Free Shipping offers and other offers that are listed under the Sale link located in the navigation for their website.

Not only are their deals through their website, Perky Pet also delivers savings through social media in the form of contests and other promotions announced through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Coupons are also issued from time to time in the form of coupon codes for a percentage off, dollars off or free shipping, however these cannot be combined with certain other offers, such as the newsletter discount. Coupon codes should be entered at checkout and will show the discount right away.

Video: Perky-Pet Sip & Seed Bird Feeder
The unique Sip and Seed Bird Feeder is displayed


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