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Established: 1972
Headquarters: Fort Washington, PA
Retail Locations: Walmart
Online Ordering: online on QVC shopping network & website
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): orders 1-800-435-4074; customer service 1-800-585-5483
Trading Symbol: NASDAQ: NTRI

Nutrisystem is a weight loss company that primarily makes weight loss products. They promote a healthy weight loss diet with exercise. Today it has become a direct merchant of prepackaged weight loss meals. The specially designed prepackaged meals are supposed to be eaten in conjunction with fresh vegetable, fruit and dairy products. Currently products are sold online by the QVC cable TV show, direct sales via distributors as well as in store at Wal-Mart. Nutrisystem was found in 2008 to be the lowest price weight loss program on the market by the National Business Research Institute (NBRI). This was the same conclusion from a study done by[1].


Nutrisystem Coupons and Nutrisystem Deals

NutriSystem, Inc.

Video: Nutrisystem Review
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the focus of Nutrisystem. The products are prepackaged and the plans are easy to follow.


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