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Manufacturer: NutriBullet, LLC
Established: 2011
Headquarters: Pacoima, CA
Retail Locations: various retailers
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 855-346-8874
Trading Symbol: no, private

Nutribullet is a high-speed blender and mixer system from the makers of Magic Bullet and the Baby Bullet. This addition to their lineup of small appliances is designed to completely pulverize foods such as fruits and vegetables into a smooth shake-like texture. The advertised advantage of the Nutribullet is that it doesn’t leave large chunks behind like a blender and it doesn’t remove all of the nutrient-filled pulp like a juicer – all of the fiber is retained and broken down into a smooth drink.

Juicers remove all of the fiber of the fruits and vegetables and some of the nutrients go with it. They also have more parts and take longer to setup and clean up after each use. The Nutribullet is smaller and lighter than standard juicers, which makes it easy to use and store as well.

it is important to note that the Nutribullet differs from the [Magic Bullet] in that it is more powerful and is designed to completely pulverize the fruits and vegetables to allow the body to get the most out of them.

The Nutribullet system comes with 12 pieces including a recipe booklet and six-week diet plan to follow.


NutriBullet Coupons and NutriBullet Deals

The Nutribullet is availble at local retailers such as Kohl's, Best Buy, and Target. Watching for sales at these stores or coupons for a  % off of housewares, small appliances or an entire purchase can net great deals.

Online it can be found at the main website as well as other retailers. Visiting the online version of the above retailers is one option. or looking for deals at and other strictly online retailers can also bring deals.

The Nutribullet website has a BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) offer, which s useful for those who want an extra for their next party or to give as a gift, but doesn't really offer savings for those that don't need it. Instead, looking for coupons for individual sites, or deals on free shipping which can often be found at, especially for Amazon Prime members, can be a better solution.

Craigslist might also be a source of deals, but the buyer needs to beware of broken models and be sure to sanitize everything well. Coupondealfinder does not generally recommend buying dishes and food preparation items from Craigslist.

Video: The NutriBullet revealed!
Nutribullet getting started video shows you how to use your new NutriBullet for maximum impact on your body.


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