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Established: 2001
Headquarters: City of Industry, CA
Retail Locations: none
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 1.800.390.1119 is an online mega retailer superstore for computers, electronics, software and technical products established in 2001. It ranks in the top of online retailers. It is the second largest e-tailer in the US, and strives to make the shopping experience both easy and enjoyable for all customers, those new to online buying, and the tech-savvy shopper as well. They carry over 34,000 products including computers of all kinds, accessories for those computers, cameras, cell phones, home theater setups, software, gaming items, and more. With their review process, consumers have access to over one million product reviews, some written and some video reviews, all organized by category for ease in finding what is needed. They have easy access to their website deals as well, right on the home page.

On the website they also have access to video reviews. Some of these are manufacturer submitted and some are user submitted. Visitors can upload video reviews and type in a review as well.

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Note: Available exclusive to newsletter subscribers are fixed price promo codes and savings promo codes redeemable via shopping cart checkout.[1] CLICK ON THIS LINK for the Daily Deals Page - CLICK ON THIS LINK for the Newegg Featured shipping deals page

Video: Newegg TV: Introducing Newegg
Introducing Newegg Business

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