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Magic Bullet
Manufacturer: Homeland Housewares
Available: now
Headquarters: unknown
Retail Locations: various stores
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): 1.866.4HOMELAND (866.446.6352)

The Magic Bullet is a small countertop blender invented to do any blending job in ten seconds or less. Its size and ease of use can save work and time. The specially designed bullet design model quickly circulates the food back into the whirlpool-like cutting zone, with its uniquely designed blade. The Bullet blender utilizes a simple press and go technology, which can make it easy to use in a pinch without having to read manuals or pressing any complicated button settings. Its ready to go party mugs and cups makes it easy to make bean dip, guacamole, party dips or even pina coladas, old fashions, margaritas or easy to make deserts and milkshakes in seconds. The original Magic Bullet is sold through the website pictured and consumers can get two complete twenty one piece systems for the price of one while this offer is available.

One of the most frequent complaints about the bullet blender is either it leaves large chunks of ice or vegetables, or that it makes some of the food mush. This can be avoided by following the pulse procedures outlined in the video demonstrations on both the infomercial and the official website in the FAQ section.


Magic Bullet Coupons and Magic Bullet Deals

Today's deal $99.99 plus shipping and handling or three easy payments of $33.33 plus $39.98 shipping and handling. Includes two 21 piece sets for the one same price. This offer is only for the website pictured above. The Magic Bullet is also available from a number of stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, and even Kohl's. Each store carries its own pricing. It is important to compare the products when price shopping, as this item comes with different accessories. Some packages have 17 or 20 pieces. Some replacement parts and accessories can be found on, such as additional rings for the cups, or even the juicer attachment if it was not part of the package purchased. Coupons are available for various retailers. Some of the best savings can be found by purchasing the version that only has the attachments needed, with nothing extra, and looking for a coupon for a percent or dollars off the entire purchase at the store the Magic Bullet is sold.

Video: The Original Magic Bullet
This the Original Magic Bullet Infomercial demonstrates it all.



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