Kymaro New Body Shaper

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Kymaro New Body Shaper
Manufacturer: Kymaro
Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Retail Locations: Walgreens
Online Ordering: on website
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): Orders 1.888.596.2761

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is a comfortable luxurious clothing "shapeware" product that you wear underneath that seamlessly and discretely shapes and slims down your body instantly hiding those unsightly buckles and bulges in seconds. It quickly hides your bra shape, straps as well as unkempt looking panty lines. Amazingly comfortable to wear under any kind of clothing. Rated to slim you down two sizes. The safest and fastest way to look fit and trim! Camouflage your bad areas and accentuate your assets with this amazingly comfortable sleek under clothing shaper! Reported to lower fatigue and help with spine realignment. This amazing new Kymaro body shaper is a quick and easy way to hide those extra pounds instantly.

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Video: Kymaro Body Shaper Part 1
Amazing results with the Body Shaper shown upfront and in color!.


Kymaro Body Shaper Coupons and Kymaro Body Shaper Deals

First 50,000 customers get the special limited low price today! $10.00 off + FREE extras.[1] Offers are always subject to verification and some may have limited quantities, be for a limited time, or have other exclusions or restrictions. Some of the offers are only redeemable when an additional online purchase is made. Unless indicated all online Kymaro purchases are still subject to taxes and shipping.

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