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Established: 1953
Available: 1988
Headquarters: Stoney Creek Ontario
Retail Locations: Online only
Online Ordering: Official website and at various stores online
Gift Card: Gift Certificate
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): 1-800-841-5330

Kushies (formerly Kooshies) is a baby products manufacturer that markets a full line of baby products and baby accessories. They are known world-wide for their form-fitted cloth diapers. The company is based in Canada and has 350 different baby products that are available through their website and through various other stores. Kushies diapers are 100% cotton, and come in several different styles and types, for both girls and boys. They also have layettes, sleepers, bibs, baby rainwear, baby swimwear, bedding and toys, among other items. Kushies has a full line of baby accessories as well.

The company was founded as a doll clothing manufacturer in 1953, as Kooshies. In 1988 the current owners purchased it and expanded into the infant market. Their first product was the form-fitted cloth diaper. There was a dispute over the name in the United States, as another company was using the name Kooshies, and in 2003, a settlement was reached and the Canadian company changed the spelling to its current Kushies.


Kushies Coupons and Kushies Deals

Kushies products are available from a variety of vendors. The Kushies website also has products available, and savings can be found in their clearance section. They have an outlet store where discontinued lines are sent. Following them on Facebook or Twitter can net exclusive savings for fans and friends to use in their store. Looking for coupons for the stores that sell Kushies products, like Amazon and Babies R Us and appling them toward a Kushies purchase is another way to save. Some online coupon websites will carry Kushies coupons in the form of coupons codes or direct links to the website to save.

Video: Kushies Cloth Diapers by Little Buns
Kushies cloth diapers with organic cotton are displayed by Jennifer from LittleBuns.



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