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Established: 1883
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Retail Locations: directly or through its subsidiaries 2,475 supermarkets
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 1-800-KROGERS (1-800-576-4377)
Trading Symbol: NYSE: KR

Kroger is the United States largest supermarket chain. It was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1883 by Bernard H. Kroger as the the Great Western Tea company. Wal-Mart has exceeded Kroger as the largest retailer of groceries in the U.S. Kroger currently runs 2,500 food and nearly 800 convenience stores, as well as 1,900 in-store pharmacies. Like other mega store competitor chains and patterned after Kroger owned Fred Meyer, these stores contain multiple departments including Donato's Pizza, Starbucks, Fred Meyer Jewelers and a BestBank bank.

The Kroger brand guarantee is that any products that bear the name of Kroger or its subsidiaries: King Soopers, Raphs etc. have a special Try-it Like-it or get the National Brand for FREE.


Video: Introduction to Couponing: Couponing at Kroger' shows us how to get and use Kroger coupons.


Kroger Coupons and Kroger Deals

Kroger is now introducing the their all new digital coupons. Login to your account with your Krogers Plus Card and then you can go to the my coupons page and start loading your Plus Card with the savings. Krogers new Print-at-Home Coupons digital coupons are also available now on site.[1]

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