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Established: 1930, franchise 1952
Headquarters: Louisville, KY
Retail Locations: U.S. 5200+
Online Ordering: no
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): U.S. 1-800-225-5532, Canada 1-866-664-5696
Trading Symbol: NYSE: YUM

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the world's most popular chain of fried chicken restaurants. It was established by Harland Sanders in 1930 as Sanders' Court & Cafe before he was made an honorary Colonel, and the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was awarded in 1952 to Pete Harman of Salt Lake City. The Colonel used a pressure cooker to serve up his special chicken recipe quickly. KFC today boasts 5,200 restaurants in the US and 15,000 throughout the world. Based on the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, some say the sweet spicy mouthwatering morsels of chicken are like no other.

The menu has expanded over the years to include much more than just the Original Recipe Fried Chicken, at times offering fried fish or shrimp, and today offering a number of sandwiches, plated meals, "bowls", and salads, as well as several side dishes and desserts. They have also added a Kids meal, with juice and string cheese included.


Throughout its history, the chain used memorable marketing ploys to promote brand awareness, including serving the chicken in a bucket, using the Colonel's likeness, and the slogan they had for many years, "Finger Lickin' Good" which both promoted the quality and reinforced the Southern influence. More recently, KFC has used what some call a $exvertising campaign, using female undergrads to tempt other students to get the new bun-less sandwich by using suggestive language on clothing.[1]

KFC Coupons and KFC Deals

Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons and deals are available first and foremost through their website. There is a promos tab at the top of the page which takes the visitor to an area outlining all the ways KFC is promoting their brand. On the left the latest commercial can be viewed, and there is a link for the coupons. KFC printable coupons are available after coupon registration and doing a zip code search for local KFC restaurants. Any available Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons for that location should be available for printing. Checking the box to be enrolled in the Colonel's email club will allow the visitor to receive future coupons and promotions direct to his inbox.[2]

Additional printable KFC coupons are available through some of the online coupon websites, such as Retail Me Not. These will be listed as printable. There are no coupon codes available for Kentucky Fried Chicken, because they do not have online ordering available at this time. All coupons are subject to expiration, and must be presented at the time of ordering. Printable coupons must be legible. Coupons valid at participating locations only.

Offline coupons are available on flyers in local Sunday newspapers, and sometimes in direct mail coupon inserts as well. KFC maintains both a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and the latest news alerts can be found there, as well as any coupons or special deals they post.


KFC Coupons

These coupons have been known to work at some KFC locations. Check coupon and your local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant to be sure these are accepted before attempting to redeem.

2pc Original Recipe Drumstick and Thigh $.99

Tax and substitutions extra - valid at participating California locations only
Coupon code: Printable Coupon [3]
Exp: 02/17/11

2pc Drumstick & Thigh with Biscuit $1.99 - Southern California Locations Only

Coupon code: Printable Coupon[4] - Valid at Participating locations only
Exp: Unknown

Free doublicious with the purchase of a 30-ounce Drink

Coupon code: Printable[5] - Valid at Participating locations only
Exp: 11/23/10

Video: Homer Simpson KFC Commercial
Homer does bad things with KFC.


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