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Hello Kitty
Owned by: Sanrio Co.
Established: 1960
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Retail Locations: various retailers
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 800.759.6454
Trading Symbol: no, private
Website: hellokitty.com[1]
Store Locator: Sanrio Locations [2]

Hello Kitty is a fictional kitten character developed in Japan in 1974 by Shintaro Tsuji who founded the Sanrio company. Her actual name was Haro Kiti (Kitty White) and she is a young female cat born to mama Mary in London on November 1st. Hello Kitty branded products have grown in popularity since the 1970's when they were introduced. There are many lines of products bearing the Hello Kitty character, including stationary and school supply products, handbags, clothing, watches and jewelry, photo albums, and even an entire nursery ensemble complete with bedding, rugs, and lamps, among other things. The line is geared toward young girls, and the character is designed in cartoon fashion. There is an entire Hello Kitty storyline behind the products, where she lives in London, England with her family and she interacts with friends.

Hello Kitty products are available in many retail stores across the world. School supply and office supply locations, handbag and luggage stores, stores that carry children's products, greeting card stores, and department stores of all kinds are just some of the stores where Hello Kitty branded products can be found.


Hello Kitty Coupons and Hello Kitty Deals

As Hello Kitty is available through so many stores, there are a number of ways to save on these products. Sanrio, the parent company, provides a number of deals through their website, including several free products. Some of these are in digital format, such as free wallpapers, emoticons and calendars, that can be downloaded from the Sanrio site. Some freebies are available only with a separate purchase, such as the free card case when purchasing $50 of other merchandise through their website. Deals such as that one require a coupon code (found on the Sanrio site) to be entered at checkout.

Signing up for the eNewsletter at the official website will bring free products and other deals directly into the member's inbox. Signing up for the Sanrio mobile service will give the consumer 10% off the first mobile order. Sanrio also has a Facebook page at which deals can be found, where they have over 5 million fans.

A number of stores such as Sears, Macys and eBags offer Hello Kitty specific offers through coupon codes, with savings up to 25% on regular purchases, or 75% through Deal of the Day offers, in some cases. These types of offers can be found through some of the popular online coupon sites, though not all of them have the offers listed. Some sites only list offers for the Sanrio website, such as a free watch with $50 purchase.

Online retailers also carry Hello Kitty products, and deals can be found through their websites, such as Amazon.com. Offers will be listed on the specific product page, and are sometimes limited to a specific retailer in the Amazon Marketplace. Shoppers should look for offers direct from Amazon that might have free Super Saver Shipping.

Video: Hello Kitty Creamy - Little Kitty
Hello Kitty and friends go wild



  1. http://www.hellokitty.com
  2. http://www.sanrio.com/store_locator/

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