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Gravity Defyer
Manufacturer: Gravity Defyer Inc.
Established: 1996
Available: 2005?
Headquarters: Sherman Oaks, California
Retail Locations: select stores
Online Ordering: SkyMall and the Gravity Defyer ecommerce website
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): Order 800.429.0039; Customer Service 800.478.4703

Gravity Defyer is a shoe company that created a shoe line using their Veroshock trampoline technology. This new revolutionary advanced technology kind of shoe absorbs shock and propels you forward and so relieves the daily walking grind and stress on your feet, legs and back specifically relieving foot, joint and spine pain, reduce tiredness and fatigue, reduce foot odor by cooling your feet, gain you two inches in height and allow you to jump higher and walk faster. Gravity Defyers are offering a full line of weight defying comfortable line of shoes for casual, dress and athletic shoes for women and men.


Gravity Defyer Shoe Coupons and Gravity Defying Deals

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Video: 2011 Gravity Defyer Commercial
Demonstrates the technology which helps relieve foot stress and pain with a revolutionary new design.


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