Goji Berries

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Goji Berries
Available: 2004-present
Retail Locations: many health food stores
Online Ordering: at various stores online

Goji Berries are one of the most nutrient packed healthful fruits in the world. Two related species are currently known: Lycium Barbarum and L. Chinense. Known by many names such as: Chinese wolf berry or just wolf berry, red medlar, matrimony vine, murali, bocksdorn, barbary matrimony vine, mede berry and Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree. The benefits of goji berry and the healthfood rage surrounding this amazing fruit is somewhat unique. It is thought that the polysaccharides have many biologically dense health benefits. Goji Juice has become one of the most successful health drinks of the last century as is is slated to be for the next.

Goji products range from the dried goji berries, to goji juice blends, to various supplements containing goji. These are available from a wide variety of vendors, including most health food stores. Online retailer Amazon.com has a variety of goji products to choose from, some sold through the marketplace. Amazon also includes reviews of the various products.

Goji berries are not shipped fresh from the regions they are grown in, but instead are normally dried first. The dried berries vary greatly in their nutrient makeup. They are traditionally cooked before eating, or boiled in a tea. Goji plants are available from some vendors online for those that want to try cultivating them to obtain the fresh fruit.


Goji Berries Coupons and Goji Berries Deals

Saving on goji berries, goji juice, and other goji products is best done by looking for deals where goji is sold. Many vendors hold regular sales on goji products, and they may offer specific coupons for the products. If not, look for a coupon for the store where the goji berries are being sold. For instance, Amazon coupons or even Drugstore.com coupons if it is a product like a goji supplement or goji juice. Including the goji products as part of a larger purchase enables the customer to apply coupons that are for the store, and not just the individual product.

Many places will offer a discount for bulk purchases of a case or more. Whole Foods Market offers 5% off the price of any products that are purchased by the case, for example. Amazon.com offers a Subscribe & Save program where the customer gets an extra 15% off the price and free shipping, just for setting up an automatic shipment. Shipments can be canceled any time. Click here to see what goji products Amazon offers for the Subscribe & Save program.

Companies that offer goji juice and products through multi-level marketing also have sales and promotions. To locate these deals, a distributor for the company must be contacted.


Video: Goji Berries Super Antioxidant
Goji Berries are the most POWERFUL antioxidant health nutrition packed fruit in the World!


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