Glad Trash Bags

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Glad Trash Bags
Manufacturer: Glad
Introduced: 1963
Headquarters: Oakland, CA
Retail Locations: no
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 1-800-x
Trading Symbol: NASDAQ: GLAD

Glad trash bags are a brand of unique top of the line plastic storage bags known for its amazing durability and strength. These storage trash bags are are part of the product line from the Glad Products company, which got its start in 1963. Glad trash bags come in a variety of convenient sizes and styles, including several kitchen bags, recycling bags, and lawn bags, as well as bags that have odor control by adding Febreze to some varieties. Their Force-flex line is designed to stretch without breaking and out-perform other bags in strength. In addition to trash bags, Glad has a line of plastic storage containers, plastic food storage bags, and plastic wrap.


Glad Trash Bags Coupons and Glad Trash Bags Deals

There are numerous places both online and off to get coupons for Glad trash bags. Stores regularly run sales for them and frequently have coupons as well. Newspaper circular coupon inserts can have them, as well as their website counterparts. Checking, and on a regular basis should turn up several offers. has an email newsletter that also sends coupons and offers to members' inboxes, and they offer samples from time to time through several venues. Current offers can be found on the Offers and Promotions page on the Glad website. Some stores offer samples or coupons to their patrons as well. Sam's Club offered a free sample in March 2010, and stores such as Target have been known to offer printable coupons for Glad trash bags on their website. Those buying Glad trash bags online should check for coupons for the store they are purchasing from, as they can be included as part of a larger purchase for a discount. Buying multi-packs, or in bulk from sites like can also provide savings.

Video: GLAD Trash bags Commercial
Shows man in embarrassing situation with the wrong trash bag.



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