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Garden of Life
Established: 1994
Headquarters: West Palm Beach, FL
Retail Locations: health food stores everywhere
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): Main Line 866.465.0051; Wholesale Information 800.622.8986
Trading Symbol: NYSE: unknown

Garden of Life is a health supplementation company established by Jordan Rubin in 1994. It started with the research that lead him to putting together his first book called The Maker's Diet based on the biblical diet. It is a do it yourself book on how to keep the Creator's food laws in the Bible that, in his case, allowed him to be healed from an incurable disease called Crohn's disease at the age of 19. The diet is a back to basic Bible diet avoiding the animals and products the Bible forbids and shows how mankind was meant to eat to bring forth health and a healthful lifestyle. Some call this a kind of Jewish diet, however it is more of a literal Bible diet and lifestyle change advice.

All of Jordan's products are based on this clean living choices, and he counsels to avoid the foods defiled by mankind's modern tendency to spray pesticides and genetically modify foods that has been shown to be not healthful for the body. There has been much controversy with this healthful lifestyle because of the big businesses involved in the corporate food and medical industrial complexes.

Digestive support supplements include: Primal Defense -an HSO probiotic formulation, Primal defense ULTRA -an super duper probiotic formula, Primal Defense Kids -probiotic formula, Acid Defense -heart burn relief, Fungal Defense -intestinal flora optimizer, DetoxiFiber -fiber supplement, Perfect Cleanse -intestinal cleansing formula and more!


Garden of Life Coupons and Garden of Life Deals

Garden of Life products are sold through a number of retailers, both online and offline. Some of the best deals can be found through individual store sales, or coupons for the specific store that carries the products. There can be individual coupons for Garden of Life products, or more generalized store coupons, such as a coupon for a percentage off the entire purchase. is another store that offers coupons, most of which are for specific products. Consumers wanting coupons at should first pull up the page for the product desired, then visit the coupon page. Refreshing the page will bring up different coupons. Many of the major health food store websites carry Garden of Life products.

Some of the websites owned by Garden of Life to promote specific products will carry coupons through a link on their website. Registration for their newsletter is required to get these coupons. Additional coupons may be available from time to time through their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

HOT Garden of Life products available now:

Video: Jordan Rubin's (founder of 'Garden of Life, Inc.') Natural Health Testimony
True history of how the Garden of Life was started. Jordan Rubin reveals all!



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