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Eden PURE Heaters
Manufacturer: Biotech Research
Established: 1968
Headquarters: Canton, OH
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 1-800-839-0981
Trading Symbol: Privately held

EdenPURE creates and promotes a wide range of equipment and products including: heaters, air purifiers, exercise equipment, exercise and weight loss programs as well as nutritional supplements and vitamins. Their stated goal is to "help provide a healthy home environment."[1]

Currently the Eden Pure Infrared Portable Quartz Heater is their number one product. The heaters infrared technology gently heats the room uniformly throughout the room corner to corner. The Eden PURE space heaters are known to cut your heating energy bills up to 50 percent. Not only does it save you money its super safe advanced technology is safe to the touch and will not burn. This heater is ranked the #1 money saver for home heating and is also recommended by one of the former Tool Time experts Richard Karn.

EdenPURE offers a 60 day no-questions asked, unconditional money-back guarantee on the heater. They have a rigorous testing and quality assurance program in place to make sure each heater lives up to the standards they set.[2]


Video: The New EdenPURE GEN4 Heater
The newest most highly advanced EdenPURE Heater is revealed by Bob Vila and Richard 'Tool Time' Karn.

EdenPURE Coupons and Eden PURE Deals

Eden PURE is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders purchased through the official website. However, EdenPURE products are also available from a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Partnering a store-specific coupon towards any purchase with the purchase of an Eden Pure heater on sale will allow extra savings.


View these EdenPURE heaters at Amazon.com:

Eden PURE Heater Images


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