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Busch Gardens
Established: 1959
Locations: Tampa Bay, FL; Williamsburg, VA
Online Ordering: yes
Gift Card: In the form of a ticket or season pass only
Website: buschgardens.com[1]
Park Locator: Busch Gardens Locations[2]

Busch Gardens is a theme park owned by Sea World Parks and Entertainment. It began in 1959, in Tampa, Florida, as a beer garden. Admission was free to those who took a brewery tour. The park was then owned by Anhauser-Busch, and also featured a stable housing the famous Clydesdales that represent the Anhauser-Busch brand.

Busch Gardens grew from a beer garden into five different locations. The two parks in California, and one in Texas have since closed, leaving two very notable parks. The Williamsburg, Virginia location is based on a European theme, and has been voted the Most Beautiful Theme Park for twenty years in a row - not a light feat of accomplishment. The Tampa Bay location is an African theme and has such attractions as a Safari through the Serengheti and Sesame Street Safari of fun for young children. Both are family friendly parks, having a wide range of attractions and facilities so there is something for everyone.


Busch Gardens Coupons and Busch Gardens Deals


Coupons and deals for Busch Gardens are really easy to find. Guests can just choose the one that is easiest for them and save, save, save. The websites for both parks sometimes have coupons that can be printed out and they have a number of deals on the sites to save if purchasing online. Special vacation packages, discounts for Florida, Georgia, or Virginia residents, and special pricing for multiple day or multiple parks tickets are just a few of the ways visitors can save. Through the end of 2010, preschoolers can get into the Tampa Bay park free if their parents fill out the form to request a free pass. Registration for the pass ends December 15th. The Williamsburg free pass ended with the summer season. Other ongoing discounts include:

  • AAA members - save $5 ($8 on Tuesdays) by bringing membership card to the gate
  • AARP members - save $5 for up to 6 people by bringing membership card to the gate
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members - save 20% by bringing membership card to the gate
  • Military members - fill out form on herosalute.com and bring it to the gate with ID for free admission (includes up to 3 dependents)
  • Grocery store coupons - printed on the back of receipts or on grocery bags at participating local stores
  • Pepsi cans - normally only sold in the area of the country where the parks are - discount printed on can - bring can to gate
  • Facebook page - each park has its own page where discounts and specials can be listed
  • Twitter feed - the Williamsburg location has a Twitter account
  • Email newsletter - both locations have their own newsletters where they send out notices of new events, attractions, specials and printable coupons
  • Hotels - local hotels sometimes have coupons for the location nearby... Travelodge King William in Williamsburg has a $6 coupon, for example
  • Fast Food Restaurants - Wendy's, KFC, McDonalds, and other area eateries often have discount coupons for admission
  • Chamber of Commerce - check with the Visitor's Center or Chamber of Commerce in town for coupons
  • Coupon websites - popular coupon websites online such as Retail Me Not have lists of coupon codes that can be used on the Busch Gardens website for a discount when purchasing online
  • Online auction and resale sites - sites such as eBay and iClassifieds or Craigslist sometimes have passes, coupons or vouchers offered for sale. In this case it is buyer beware. A buyer should be sure of the seller before completing a purchase, and if possible, use a method of payment that is secure, such as Paypal.

Video: New Addition to Busch Gardens-Baby Rhino
Baby white rhino born on the Serengeti Plain at Bush Gardens Tampa Bay.


  1. http://www.buschgardens.com
  2. http://buschgardens.com/bg/

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