Bounty Paper Towels

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Bounty Paper Towels
Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble
Established: 1837
Available: 1965
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): 513-983-1100
Trading Symbol: NYSE: PG
Slogan: The Quick Picker Upper

Bounty Paper Towels are a 2-ply paper towel product brand made and sold by Procter and Gamble (P&G). Procter and Gamble is known for its specialization in beauty, health, and household products. Paper towels are known as a highly effective means of infection control and disposal for unsanitary messes. Bounty Paper Towels are one of the most absorbent as well as strongest paper towels available to replace your kitchen, bathroom and household towels. The towels come in white, prints, extra-soft, huge roll, select-a-size, and basic. Bounty also has a line of quilted napkins. Since the 1960's Bounty has been cleaning up messes in America's kitchens, and in the 1970's they began an ad campaign with "Rosie" of Rosie's Diner who touted the benefits of Bounty paper towels as "the quicker picker upper". This is still the brand's slogan for all of their paper towel lines, as is evident by their website,



Bounty Paper Towels Coupons and Bounty Paper Towels Deals

Since Bounty is one of the brands owned by Procter & Gamble, deals can often be found through the P&G Savers program. Signing up for this through the Bounty website will allow the consumer to select any printable coupons or mailable coupons for Bounty paper towels and have them sent to them. It also triggers the mailing of the P&G Savers book, which has a number of coupons inside. Bounty does have a mailing list, which can net additional deals. They also have a Facebook page where they list the latest news and alerts. Liking them or Following them will keep consumers up to date.

Bounty participates in the Upromise coupon program as well. Upromise coupons deposit the savings directly into a college fund instead of subtracting the savings from the purchase price. Follow a link on the Bounty website to get these coupons.


As paper towels are a grocery store item, grocery coupon sources should be the next stop for savings. Grocery store weekly ads, and their websites should be checked for Bounty paper towel coupons. Sites such as Walgreens and Target list printable coupons online and sometimes have coupons for items like Bounty paper towels. Checking these sites can net additional savings. To save time, many consumers check all the stores weekly through a program such as Coupon Mom or The Grocery Game. These sites and others like them offer listings of which items are on sale and which newspaper inserts would have had coupons to pair with the sales to get the best deals. Store circular coupons are also noted.

Online stores also sometimes carry Bounty paper towels, and by using coupons specific to those stores, consumers can apply a discount to the paper towels as part of a larger purchase.

Buying in bulk can also give savings, so looking for places such as Sam's Club or which carry Bounty paper towels by the case can help trim the cost as well.

Bounty Paper Towels Deals

Today's paper towel best offers are for bulk orders. Order and have delivered to your home and save money now.

Try these deals for savings on Bounty Paper Towels: case deal:

Coupon code: None needed - Bounty Paper Towels, White, Regular Roll Case
Exp: Ongoing - varies

Video: Bounty Paper Towels commercial with Rosie 1972
Classic Bounty commercial where Rosie shows us that Bounty Paper Towels is the quicker picker upper.

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