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Bath and Body Works
Owned by: Bath & Body Works Direct, Inc
Established: 1990
Headquarters: Columbus, OH
Retail Locations: 1,671 as of Jan/2011
Online Ordering: at website
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): Customer Service 1.800.756.5005
Trading Symbol: NYSE: LTD
Store Locator: Bath and Body Works Locations[2]

Created in 1990 in Albany, Ohio, Bath and Body Works has quickly become one of the best performers in the bath and body products industry. Besides offering primarily bath and shower items, the company even put a new spin on things, releasing lotions, candles, soaps, and more. Men seeking the perfect gift for the women in their lives often turn to this company for a unique solution.

One of the key factors about Bath and Body works that makes it so great is the company’s offering of special gift sets for a person who truly loves the company. Perfumes, lotions, and more are all available in one convenient package. Gift wrap and stylish tote bags complete the element of surprise for the perfect present. There is even a men’s line of products in the company, so now men officially have a reason to shop within this unique store.

In short, men and women alike are sure to feel comfortable in a store like this. No matter what the desire or need is, there are numerous interesting aspects and products associated with the company that makes draws people in. This company is one of the most superior in the industry and well liked by consumers across the globe.


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Video: Bath & Body Works Introduces NEW Country Chick
Bath and Body Works creates Americas fragrances. Revealing a chic blend of wildflowers, woods & citrus scents.




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