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Baby Bullet
Manufacturer: Baby Bullet LLC.
Available: now
Headquarters: unknown
Retail Locations: none in US
Online Ordering: at website
Gift Card: unknown
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s): Customer service 1.877.514.MYBB (1.877.514.6922)

The Baby Bullet is a small countertop blender from the makers of the famed Magic Bullet, however this model is for making quick and easy baby foods. Meals suitable for babies and toddlers can quickly and easily be made and stored. Prepare for a week or more worth of organic baby foods in less than five minutes at very low cost. The plastic is made with of non-toxic high-impact strong plastic. These products do not shatter when dropped. The non-toxic plastic is without bisphenol A, phthalates and is also BPA free. The first of the next generation of healthy baby products now being demanded and made for savvy consumers who know to actively prepare for their babies continued health. The complete package contains an entire twenty-two piece baby care system. There is a free thirty day trial offered. Also included is the thermal insulated super stay fresh tote bag free!

The full package includes specially designed freezer capable storage cups in addition to the blender. It is made to prepare, store and feed the meals out of the same cups. Additional storage cups can be found on the official website under Accessories.


Baby Bullet Coupons and Baby Bullet Deals

Try if for FREE for thirty days. Included are twenty two pieces: spatula, batchbowl, 2 short cubs, batch tray, power base, milling blade, baby blade, 6 date dial storage cups, storage tray, paocket nutritionist. This special offer also includeds a stay fresh thermal tote bag as a FREE gift.

If the Baby Bullet Blender is purchased at one of the retailers who also sells it, such as Target or, look for additional offers on the website. Coupons for the merchant for a percentage or dollars off the purchase may be available. Amazon frequently offers a discount listed on the page for purchases made from a particular merchant. One Baby Bullet page on Amazon has a link to a $500 sweepstakes as an additional offer.

Video: The Original Baby Bullet
Baby Bullet can help you to make organic baby food for your baby.



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