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American Apparel
Established: 1989
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Retail Locations: 200+
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: yes
Phone Number(s): Customer Support:1-213-688-1474, Orders: 1-888-747-0070
Trading Symbol: AMEX: APP

American Apparel is the largest manufacturer of clothing in the United States. In contrast to other garment manufacturers, they make the clothing in the USA and sell it both here and internationally, even selling their apparel in China. Their factory is located in downtown Los Angeles, and they have a business model that takes them through every step of the garment making process, from knitting and dyeing the fabrics, to cutting and sewing the garments, to doing all the marketing and advertising themselves. Their clothing is geared toward the entire family, with styles for men, women, children and even babies. They also carry accessories. They have both retail locations and an online store.

Their website showcases a number of slides featuring their products. An automatic feature near the bottom of the page recognizes your location and highlights all the local stores in your area. There is also a store locator to find stores in other areas.


Video: American Apparel - Don Charney Interview
CBS Sunday Morning John Blackstone gives the lowdown on American Apparel and its CEO Dov Charney. Displaying the sexy T ad campaign that seems to work quite well. ...American made.


American Apparel Coupons and American Apparel Deals

American Apparel has several ways to save, including direct offers, sales, and coupons. Purchasing on their website can net a free gift, and orders over $75 can qualify for free shipping. Signing up for their emails will give a 15% off discount, and ongoing exclusive offers for members. For those buying in quantity, they offer a wholesale division with discounted pricing. Popular coupon websites have deals listed that are either clickable or coupon codes to be entered at the website. When clicking through for an offer, consumers should double check that the discount does in fact show in their cart before finalizing the sale.

To stay up to the minute, they offer a Facebook page, have a Twitter account, and a What's New RSS feed.


American Apparel Coupons

These coupons have been known to work at American Apparel.

Free Shipping on orders over $75

Coupon code: None needed - purchase through website
Exp: Ongoing

Free Gift

Coupon code: None needed - spend $150 through website and receive a free gift - choose from a selection
Exp: Unknown

10% off through website - can increase to 15%

Coupon code: Sign up for emails to receive it
Exp: Unknown

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