Airborne Cold Remedy

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Airborne Cold Remedy
Manufacturer: Airborne, Inc
Available: early 1990's
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
Online Ordering: at various stores online
Gift Card: no
Newsletter: no
Phone Number(s): 1.800.590.9794

Airborne Cold Remedy or Airborne Immune Support Supplement is a dietary supplement that supports the immune system. It comes in flavored effervescent tablets and on-the-go packets. Designed to support your immune system and prevent problems that may stop you in your tracks. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids as well as herbal extracts. Created by Victoria Knight-McDowell in the 1990's as a way to boost her own immune system, it has become a hit in over the counter sales in many U.S. retails stores as well as online.

The success of the Airborne products took the creator of the product by surprise. She is quoted as saying, "When we started producing Airborne products commercially, I thought it could become a successful product for people who want a natural way to support their immune system. But I had no idea it would take off the way it has."


Airborne products are drug-free and designed to naturally boost the immune system. The effervescent tablets are available in four flavors: zesty orange, lemon-lime, pink grapefruit, and very berry, and the on-the-go packets are available in lemonade and very berry flavors.

Airborne Cold Remedy Coupons and Airborne Cold Remedy Deals

Since Airborne products are over-the-counter supplements and sold nationwide in drugstores and grocery stores, as well as online through various retailers, the best way to find coupons or deals for them is to look at the retail websites and sales circulars of the stores that carry them. Using a service such as Coupon Mom or The Grocery Game that highlight the weekly sales at local stores and pair them with coupons from the coupon circulars in the Sunday newspaper can be an easy way to know when these products are on sale and even pair them with a coupon for extra savings. Purchasing them from a store such as CVS Pharmacy which has its own savings program (Extra Bucks) can enable you to save even when the product is not on sale through redeeming points or in the case of CVS, Extra Bucks, to pay for the product.


Buying Airborne cold remedy products through a store such as can allow the consumer to buy in a bulk pack, where several packages are sold as one product at extra savings, or a larger pack with more of the product inside. When comparing products at Amazon, be sure to include the shipping cost as each seller through the marketplace offers different shipping terms. Airborne is a product that Amazon will sell and ship themselves, and it is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping - just look for that phrase before ordering. Some of the Airborne items that Amazon has are also eligible for their Subscribe and Save program, which not only ships free, but also gives an additional 15% off the purchase price when the item is added to a subscription to be automatically shipped to the purchaser at regular intervals.

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