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Abilene Zoo
Established: 1966
Headquarters: Abilene, TX
Gift Memberships: yes
Phone Number(s): Gift Shop - 325.676.6085 Fax - 325.676.6084
Website: abilenezoo.org[1]

The Abilene Zoo has been showcasing animal life to the Big Country of west Texas since 1966. With over 600 different animals covering 200+ species, native Texas plants and butterfly gardens surrounding the animal habitats, a Creepy Crawler Center to house amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates, and several aquariums, there is much to see at the zoo. For those wanting to learn more about the animals, the zoo has an Education Center which hosts events, tours, camps and weekend programs for visitors to the zoo. There is even a pre-school program.

The newest habitat is Elm Creek and is now open. Visitors can see river otters in their habitat, as well as a bobcat and cougars. For a limited time in Summer 2011, a lioness and her five cubs are being showcased.

The zoo has a television program that runs on local channel 7 twice a week, called "On the Wild Side." The shows are also made available on DVD through the local library, and for purchase from City Hall using the order form provided on the zoo's website.


Abilene Zoo Coupons and Abilene Zoo Deals

Coupons are not plentiful for the zoo, however, they are available. Online, look for coupons on sites such as the Abilene Visitors Bureau, which offers its own coupons from time to time, such as buy one ticket get one of equal or lesser value free.[2] Coupon blogs and sites for local information sometimes also have coupons, such as Mommy Saves Big and Metroplex 4 Women.[3][4] The zoo also announces specials from time to time, such as a trial membership to the Abilene Zoological Society, which allows visitors to the zoo free admission and all the other perks of membership, without paying for a full year all at once. This special was announced via the local newspaper, so it pays to keep an eye on local publications for specials to be announced as well.[5] Even the full membership price saves members if they visit the zoo often.[6]


Video: Lion cubs check out new digs
Lion cubs explore their new home.

Abilene Zoo Images


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