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ab Glider

ab Glider
Manufacturer: ICON Health & Fitness
Established: 1977
Headquarters: Logan, UT
Retail Locations: 2500
Online Ordering: continental U.S. only
Phone Number(s): Service: 1-888-533-1333, Sales: 1-888-742-0128
Website: proform.com[1]

ab GLIDER is a new kind of advanced fitness equipment. It is an abdominal muscle tightener, strengthener and overall lower stomach work out machine all in one. The ab Glider is two machines in one. It is actually does better because it out does two of its competitors in one the Ab Coaster and and Ab Circle Pro due to its lateral motion and vertical motion. This is a new type of abdominal body exerciser that is becoming a fad of the over the belt older crowd to help lose fat as well as strengthen the stomach and the opposing low back musculature. The machine is a two-in-one exerciser, featuring a 180 degree arc that gives a cardio burn to the core muscles, while having a second setting that locks in place for vertical motion. The Proform ab GLIDER claims to burn 2X more calories per minute and build 44% more muscle than other ab machines.[2]


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As Seen on TV Proform Ab Glider Abdominal Trainer
Proform Ab Glider Abdominal Trainer:

  • Build 44% more muscle and burn 2x the calories per minute compared to other ab equipment
  • Solid steel construction
  • Supports: up to 300 lbs
  • Specialized movements target abs and obliques
  • Non-slip design for a smooth, friction-free workout
  • Easy-to-read LCD tracks progress by counting reps and time
  • Workout DVDs include: 3-Minute Results Workout and Amazing Abs Workout with Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Range of motion: front to back, side to side or both at once
  • 8 weeks of daily meal plans and weekly grocery lists
  • 48 delicious recipes

    Video: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and ProForm's Ab Glider
    The positive effects of the ab GLIDER are demonstrated.


    Video: Proform ab Glider Exercise Instructions / Tips!!!
    Woman shows tips on how to use the Pro Form ab GLIDER to get hardcore abs.

    Proform ab GLIDER Images


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    2. http://linksynergy.walmart.com/fs-bin/click?id=FFH13BzDdHo&offerid=183959.14301730&type=2&subid=0

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