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7 Eleven
Owner: A wholly owned subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan
Established: 1927 named 1946
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Retail Locations: 43,500 stores in 16 countries & 8,900 in North America
Online Ordering: no
Gift Card: yes
Newsletter: unknown
Phone Number(s):972.828.0711
Trading Symbol: no, private
Website: 7-Eleven.com[1]
Store Locator: 7-Eleven Locations

7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the United States and much of the world. The company is originally based out of Japan, with American headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. Currently, 7-Eleven is popular in over 16 countries worldwide including the U.S.

While the company does sell common snack foods, energy drinks, soda, and more, it is primarily famous for two well-known products: the Big Gulp and the Slurpee. Customers can purchase drinks in a large cup. The smallest member of the “Gulp” family is the 20 oz. cup, which is referred to as the Gulp. The sizes go all the way up to 128 ounces, which is known as the “Team Gulp.” The Slurpee, on the other hand, is a popular fountain drink that has a little bit of a fizz to it and comes in a variety of flavors and cup sizes. At times, the company releases special promotional Slurpee cups in order to commemorate new movies, special events, and more.

Some variations of the store operate as gas stations as well, offering fuel at reasonable prices. This does sometimes attract a larger customer base to the store, and people may purchase a signature 7-Eleven product along with their gasoline. Not every store offers gas, but many of them do, especially in the United States.


7 Eleven Coupons and 7 Eleven Deals

7-Eleven provides a number of ways to save when shopping on-the-go. First they have ongoing sales and deals that are unadvertised in the stores, they have promotions listed on their website, under "Promotions" in the "Only at 7-Eleven" menu. These can include discounts and sweepstakes, as well as special items that are available for a limited time, and events that are going on. Checking out their Facebook page and Twitter feed can net announcements on special events as well.

They do offer coupons from time to time, both printable and those that can be found locally. Their corporate website outlines ongoing programs that 7-Eleven participates in, including various community programs which the general public can participate in, such as their Canister Program. They have two community coupon programs that reward children's behavior with coupons for slurpees. One is through the local police, who "ticket" youth for observed behavior such as wearing a bicycle helmet, picking up trash, or following local ordinances such as rules for crossing the street. Another is done through local public schools and youth programs, also as rewards for positive behavior, attendance, and achievement.

Video: 'Simpsons' / 7-Eleven promo on CNN
Simpsons accused of racisim in 7-Eleven promotion controversy on CNN with Paula Zahn.


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  1. http://www.7-Eleven.com

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